Desert Romance

The clarity of her perception written within the warmth of highlights

and her ultimate desire hidden beneath the deepest shadows

As your eyes gaze every grain of sand in the early morning

I bend the lines to entice you

For the times I was there

I went further than my eyes can reach

For the time I was not there

The scent of a women I left behind lingers in the shadows that multiply by the waves of light

Your dormant soul awakes to find

How I never left


Arriving somewhere

The very incarnation of yourself

Alone in the sea of the sand

Will a tender kiss from first light of wintertime

Awaken your senses and the spirit beneath?

Secret Tryst

The Sorceress of the mountain

Casts her love spell with an utterly enchanting song

To the spirit of Western Sea

The waves of her bewitched dance

Tempting him into the secret shores

An entranced gaze from his heart

A prolonged look heats the fervent summer air

His songs paints colours and shades of light

The last lingering kiss in the end of the dawn

Where night bonds their singular love affair

This is how her love spell ends

Let love only conjure magic and beauty

Let love not to possess or alter what he is

Let love not bend the will of a solitary mind

Letting go of promises and vows

Set him free, return to the Sea

Photography Workshops to the Yellow Mountains in winter

Arriving of Winter

The mysteriousness of your mind came through
The light of the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars
I could no longer withhold my resistance
Against the pursuit of your desires for
The perceptive senses of my earthly form
When silence pulsing sound of ecstasy
A frozen moment in time
Where the invisible became visible
Heaven upon Earth

The underworld

Farewell, beautiful sea anemone

I will miss your voluptuousness

It was a delicious existence

As a flow of your breath

Ice Swan

This is not an encounter

This is the moment I have been waiting for a thousand years

To have endured the loneliness of

Being attached to but not a part of

To separate from the indivisible whole

Exposing to daunted fear only to believe

The moment and the place

Continuously, breaking away from the past

Piece by piece; drop by drop

I formed the shape of a swan

In this storming winter morning

Moving with the full moon tide

Inch by inch, step by step

I stood on the black beach of Nordic Island

My beauty in the instance before your eyes

To be taken….

Every wave gentely reminded to me

The impermanence of the time and the place

I cried out my love for you in every trace of the light

After my body engulfed by the sea

I will return by your side

For your passion; to your desire

As a drifting cloud, an alluring flower

Or in the figure of a woman by your side