Dream of a life on Earth

I believe some of us came from an unknown galaxy
Where elements merge, collide by gravitations organically
A tiny seed of desire brought us to Earth
No matter how insignificant one is
The will and wishes of mind can alter fate and destiny
How fascinating and intriguing of a life

Nothing stays constant, desires arise and transform

Love may remains and continues in it’s innocent form

In the end of our time on Earth, It will be a long journey to go back to our galaxy
Let us telling our stories in imagery and poetry, with music and dance
To express the most beautiful of all things
A life on Earth

Mt. Kailash

I falling love with the Mountain from one photograph, so I went
To have found another few pieces of myself
My spirit strengthened in the presence of the Mountain
I returned again for the 4th time
Delighted to share the journey with many other souls
The Mountain was unseen upon my arrival, so I waited…
Again no words were spoken, but I listened…
I reached to the light beyond the darkness of the night
In the end of my solitudes
I foreseen a glimpse of my destiny
Written by the stars long before my existence
Birth, Death, and Rebirth
Another journey awaited when day began
I departed
To have found the magic ingredients to life
Learn to Live and Live to Love

Mt. Everest

        I approach as a friend under the shadow of your grace

The sunset reveals an intricate charm

By moonlight I edge ever closer

Even the wind is silent tonight

No words by the Rombuk River

As the moment becomes complete

Your rumours appear before my eyes

And the stars reveal your eternal life

Outside, in the unreal world

Flaws expand and multiply

But none will withstand the storm

when the blizzards and wind return

As my body weakens in the thin air

Your transcendence fades before dawn

I leave you now, for now

But the romance of our embrace

Remains in my heart…

Mt. Meili

No women can speak of

a decade of grace

under the shadow of

her purist perfection

No hero can be proud with

a lifetime of glory

in front of her heavenly power

Visible through the veil of cloud

The end of my loneliness lies in the silence


The Mountain, Heavenly beautiful

A god, unspoken, is the most sacred and absolute Holiest

I am, earthly feminine

The admirer, inevitably, falling in love with the mountain