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Harris III

30th Sep – 10th Oct 2016 | Last Place

Isle of Skye, Isle of Harris & Isle of Lewis

Take your photography to new heights by joining Alister Benn & Juanli Sun on this incredibly Autumn moods Workshop in the highlands of Scotland

On this workshop we visit three of Scotland’s finest islands:  Skye, Harris & Lewis.

We will immerse ourselves in some of the finest landscapes, iconic, yet also intimate and personal.

Sandy beaches, rocky coastlines, cliffs, mountains, lochs, – everything Scotland is famous for on one trip

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7th – 14th Apr 2017 – Spring Workshop in Scotland

Max 3 Participants – Indoor Processing + photogenic landscape

Beaches measured in miles rather than yards, turquoise coloured water, some of the oldest rocks in the world, glaciated mountains and majestic Glens. Galen Rowell spoke great words of wisdom when he told us to seek out the transitions in the landscape to make images full of glory and power – here, in this remote corner of the Scottish Highlands, the mountains meet the sea – serene, wild, ominous, beautiful.

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Mellon Udrigle II

Asturias Workshop

Spain 6 Days | Asturias Seascapes

5th –11th May 2017| New

Iceland low light Photography

Jokulsarlon ice lagoon, Iceland Photography Workshop

Iceland Low Light & Night Photography Workshop

22nd Feb – 2nd Mar 2017 | New

The famous ice lagoon and Intricate ice bergs that get washed up on the black sandy beaches are truly a photographer’s paradise and perhaps the best place in the world to photograph Aurora.
The unique landscape is rugged and sparsely populated, the coast is wild and beaten by the north Atlantic Ocean, but the beauty and simplicity of the compositions is striking. Pointed mountains, deep fjords and black lava cliffs offer many superb areas for Seascape and Aurora photography.

Learning should be Fun!

With 2 photography instructors on the workshop and phototrip –  Alister will focus more on post-processing class and more dynamic technique in the field; Juanli is less technically focussed and more likely to explain her approach by feel.

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Alister Benn


Juanli Sun

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