I was contemplating beneath the holiest peak, mountains of Himalaya

Haunting whisper from the Western Sea, travelled 5000 miles
Calling my name, and speaks of his mind curious to know mine

His wisdom is the force of his power, I admire

His promise of romance and the hidden treasures upon my return

I can no longer resist


The tempo of his romance; rises and falls in the time of the tides

The magic of his treasures as mysterious as the infinity of stars

Each one of them came with a curse, cannot be possessed

One moment I held it upon the palm of my hand, 

next moment it ceased to exist

I am staying 


For the romance and treasures

For the sorrow of impermanence

Dream of April

April arrives in a Summer dress

Splendour in exotic yellow and red, shades of blue

That glowing pink, becoming the secret colour of a painter

Dances in grace and tenderness, melts the land of rocks and sand

Image of her fades in the light of setting Sun

What’s beyond the distant horizon

Where she goes, lingering in the darkness of the night

Time is her faith, the gift of her open heart

Her desire is her art

Winter Grace

Passion of summer long lost

Let the memories go with last colour of Autumn

Embracing grace in shades of grey

A moment of calmness in Winter

Last Tango

His eyes locked in her naked form

Knowing so, she was confident with her poised curve

Kicking her heels to start, a pout to entice

Drawing a leaning pose

Swaying and moving inwards rhythmically and melodically

With her tempting eyes

He can no longer hold the stillness 

His body in motion, translating into 

A gesture to encourage; A flick to conduct

A pause to release

For her to return to his stretched and extended frame 

His fingertips  upon her cheek

Evoking a yawning erupted from her heart

Their tangled eyes; Their legs intertwined 

Their sensations merging

She let go of herself completely 

With immense strength, he lifted her up in the air

Setting her free

A Rock and The Sea

A nameless rock stood upon a fearful summon from the Sea

Others saw the death of her, she answered him with a dance

Letting herself rising and falling in each surging wave, to meet his dominance

When curiosity meets passion, electrifying and oxytocin

A yearning wish

Stolen a moment from time

to unlock this desire

Drowned in his distorted rhythm

The fate of a rock and her unsaid words 

The singing sand beside the sea

Singing Sand

Seek me, my passions you can feed

Kiss me, my desires you can drink 

In the fondness of your eyes

My sensual world as your art 


Her grace well known, unchanged through the sound of time

Many mortal soul came, to collect memories

Many curious eyes parted, to seek what’s next

How I came so absent minded for the first time

How I left without words and returned to

All because she was on her passive mood

A breath of charm lulled a yearning in her heart

How I mysteriously entered deeply inside

How I immersed to admire her exquisite facade

For her spirit invited me to enter this secret world

A trace into the past in the tones of colours unseen before

A Parting Kiss

I went back to the waterfall

The morning before I leave

Seeking her celestial beauty once more

In the lightness of being

My naked soul was released and accepted

In the shadow of unknown

My innocent heart no longer held all thoughts of past or future

In a moment of thundering silence

I took one step further and felt a kiss

A kiss, took me to a place beyond time

Where I letting go of my consciousness

When there was no divide between day and night

The Passage

Towards enlightenment

If there is such a thing

Take a pause when I realise that

I have lost my left earring

It was such a fine and precious thing

Return to the beach

Looking for my silver earring 

Inside womb of the Mother Earth

Is the realm of an innocent Heart