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Alister Benn was born and raised in Scotland and coming from an outdoor family grew up with a profound interest and respect for the natural world and the environments around him.

Since 2011, Alister has developed a series of learning courses in landscape photographyand his work has been awarded in some of the most prestigious photography competitions. He also writes regular articles in Landscape Photography Magazine and onlandscape Magazine and has a solid reputation as both a technician photographer and a deep thinker.

In 2012, Alister and Juanli began running their unique style of workshops, sharing their intimate knowledge of diverse landscapes in tremendously different countries.

Alister also continues developing his conceptual fine art work using the landscape as a metaphor for our existence and relationship with the wilderness. This can be viewed at alisterbenn.com

Artists Statement

“The landscape serves many purposes for me – it is a playground for recreation, and has been since I was a small boy. Bird-watching, hill-walking and rock climbing – experiential learning in the great outdoors. Yet it is vulnerable and under constant threat from development, progress and exploitation. We are still very fortunate in this generation to have a landscape to enjoy.

A huge part of my motivation for making images is to showcase the majesty and drama of the world around us – as much an expression of my moods and emotions as a reportage of the geology about us.

It is this philosophical approach to photography and the world around us that I enjoy discussing during tours and workshops – techniques, gear and craft and simply tools that allow us to speak emotionally about the landscape we love.”

Alister Benn

2005: Alister Benn & Juanli Sun started Available Light Images together

2007 – 2008: The A3 Gallery in 798 Art Disctrict of Beijing sold large fine art architectural abstracts created by Alister Benn and inspired by the modernisation of the Chinese capital and the juxtaposition to its past.

2009 – 2011:  During these years Alister spent a lot of time developing his craft and an understanding of the difficulties involved in creating images at night. He traveled from Tibet and the Himalaya, to Spain, Indonesia and Thailand to create the images necessary to illustrate the Ultimate Guide to landscape Night Photography – Seeing the Unseen eBook, which was finally published in March 2012

2012: The couple have lived in the Tibetan region for over 7 years and in that time developed a deep love for the area, it’s people and landscapes. To celebrate this they published a free eBook in November –  right click the link  The Sacred Mountains of Tibet and chose download linked file will savel to your computer.

2013:  A Complete Guide to Seascape Photography eBook – teaches Contemporary Photography giving all the information required to get out there and make amazing seascape images.

2014:   Adobe Lightroom Essential eBook – Understanding the essential tools of Adobe Lightroom. 

2014:  The Practical Guide to Exposure eBookAn in depth, yet simple guide to understanding Exposure. 57 pages of PDF Download.

2015:  Adobe Lightroom Advanced eBook teaches post-processing and the creation of expressive images using Adobe Lightroom.

Alister Benn’s Awards

2017 P3X Awards – Gold in Professional Nature, Seasons category – Crystal Embrace

2017 P3X Awards – Silver in Professional Fine Art Landscape category – The Endless Caress

2017 IPA Awards – Honorable Mention in Professional Fine Art Landscape category – The Perfect Fifth

2016   Trierenberg Super Circuit  – Night Photography Gold Medal – Afterglow

2012   Memorial Maria Luisa Awards  – Mountain Category First Prize – The Spirit of Tibet

Equipment and Software


Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop

Nik Silver & Colour Efex Pro

Tony Kuyer Luminosity Mask

DXO Optics Pro 11

Topaz DeNoise

Topaz BW


RRS TVC-23 Tripod

RRS BH 55 Ball Head

RRS BH 55 Ball Head

Gitzo SYSTEMATIC Series 4 carbon tripod

Gitzo G-1228 Mk2 Mountaineer Tripod

Vixen Optics Polaries Star Tracker

F Stop Tilopa BC Camera Bag


Nikon D810

Nikon D800E


Laowa 12mm / f2.8

Nikon 24 – 70 / f2.8

Nikon 80 – 400 / f4.5

Nikon 28-300 / f3.5 – 5.6

Nikon 200 – 500 / f 5.6


Nisi V5 + CPL

Nisi 150mm Holder

Nisi 150mm iR ND1000 10 stop

Nisi 150×170 2 stop soft graduated

150×170 3 stop reverse graduated

Nisi 100mm ND 64

Nisi 100mm ND1000


View Juanli’s Work

Juanli Sun is a vital part of the Available Light Images team. She is in charge of all the trip logistic planning, and with her meticulous attention to detail this ensures smooth running. She also  often delights participants with her delicious Chinese home cooking.

She has lived, travelled and led clients to over 5000m often and has the most profound love for the remote parts of Tibet.

She finds peace in the minute details of the landscape; on a boulder, under a leaf, in the reflections of a rock pool. Her attention to detail and delicate insight enhance a quiet and peaceful personality.

In our small group tours and workshops, Juanli also likes to get involved in the field, and although less technically focussed than Alister and more likely to make images by feel, her approach to photography as an expressive art is refreshing in this high tech era.

Isle of Eigg Sunrise

sea anemone abstract