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China Photo Tour

We have a powerful connection with China; of course it is Juanli’s home country, and since we met there in 2000, we have lived and photographed there for over a decade. We ran our first photo tour in South West of China in 2012 and since then have continued to refine the choice of trips based on fitness requirements and simply, where we love to go. Juanli, being a native Mandarin speaker has the ability to plan trips to places that are typically difficult to access and offer unique China travel experiences.

China is a crowded place, but with our experience we still manage to make meaningful and intimate photographs. The Chinese aesthetic is quite different and by integrating this with a more conventional western style we can create our own interpretations of the landscape and be inspired by it. Our aim is to deliver an exceptional and memorable journey through this incredible country, exploring not just its magnificent landscapes, but an insight into the architecture, culture and lifestyles as well.

Current Schedule

Silk Road Gobi Desert

China Classic Photography

17th – 25th Feb 2019

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Silk Road Gobi Desert

Gobi Desert Adventure

26th Feb – 4th March 2019

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China Photo Tour Packing List - Each participant only can bring One suitcase and One camera bag only!

1: Suitcase size – ( 27 INCHES or 70L Duffle Bag – Longest length less than 70cm )
2: We are travelling to many different locations, so it's important that we can keep our lugguage light. 3: Domestic flights has restriction on one check-in lugguage of 20kg - No batteries or lighter allowed in the check-in, please keep it in your camera bag.