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Gobi Desert Adventure

26th Feb – 4th Mar | 4th – 10th March 2019  | 27th Jan – 2nd Feb 2020 – All Fully Booked

Price per Participant | USD $3000 | GBP £2250

Included: Accommodations, all meals – Food in the desert will be simple| Two 4×4 for our group on the Desert, Tent and Ground Mat

Excluded: Chinese Visa Fee – We will assist you to apply for Chinese Visa, Please follow our instructions near the time|Internatiional/Domestic Flight to Lanzhou – Lanzhou airport fly to major International airport such as Beijing or Shanghai|Travel and Medical Insurance , Sleeping Bag

Workshop starts at 2pm on the first day and ends 8am on the last day in Lanzhou Airport; 3 nights in the desert: Camping will depend on the evening temperature, – if evening temperature drop to below 5 °F/-15 °C, staying with local farmers will be possible, means the whole group will share one dormitory room or possibly two if available.

One 40L bag for desert, tripod and 1 camera bag will be allowed for desert trip, suitcase need to be stored in Zhangye Hotel

Sunrise to Sunset photography – not idea for night photography because extreme cold weather at night in winter, but doable near the tent if you wish; drone will be prohibited on all our workshops.

At Available Light Images, we aim to lead you on tours that have been meaningful to us on our own creative journeys. We want to share with you the experiences that have changed our lives. This remote area of northern China is famous for the Silk Road and the world’s highest static sand dunes. This massive area of sand is so remote and so intense, we have designed a short, sharp trip that we hope will deliver the creative epiphany that we have had.

We will visit hundreds of square miles of gigantic dunes, rising to over 1640 feet above a series of crystal clear lakes. The geometry and scale of these makes for limitless incongruous and beautiful photographs. We’ll be camping out in the dunes and can explore them at our leisure.

The second area is another large area of geopark, where the striated coloured rocks make for more amazing images.

This is a unique photo trip, taking you into the heart of the Gobi Desert, where you can loose yourselves in simple, delicate creativity far from the modern world and its distractions. For us, our last visit there was life-changing and we’re still re-evaluating our own art, creativity and life goals. Join us on this trip of a lifetime.

Booking Process 

Complete Registration Form |  Discuss workshop logistics and schedule | Deposit USD $1000 to reserve your place | Balance due 90 days prior to the Tour | Arrange Chinese Visa  and flights | Tour |

We will confirm with you regarding your booking, meeting point in China after we received your booking form.

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Desert February 2017 Temperature

Desert March 2017 Temperature