Kharta Valley Trekking – Mt. Everest North

21st May – 10th June 2024 – Rhododendron flower Season 

Give us 19 days, in return you will have an unforgettable journey of a lifetime… …

USD $7900 Per person – Single Occupancy

Who can join us? – You must be in good physical and mental health. Risks is high for Preexisting Medical Conditions: Heart and Cardiovascular Disease;Bronchitis, Diabetes not controlled, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Very High Blood Pressure, Prior bypass surgery or Angioplasty, Coronary Artery Disease … Please check with your doctor if you are not sure of your own medical conditions

What about weather? – It’s the beginning of rainy season, North side of Everest may offers great conditions for night photography.

What about altitude? – I have lots of experience in the Himalaya region, and have planned this trip specifically for acclimatisation and maximum our time in Kharta Valley with at least 11 nights camping.

What about fitness level? – You need to have a healthy diet and start some fitness training at least 3 – 6 months prior to the trip. Walking around hilly monasteries and other hikes at high altitude will require more energy than usual, and hiking at 4500m is far more strenuous than steep hikes at sea level. The fitter you are, the more you can enjoy the experience and photography.

Other Details:

Included: Accommodation, Food, Vehicle Transport,  Park Entry Fee, Tibet Permit Fee, Flight from Shangri-la to Lhasa

Excluded: Chinese Visa Application cost, Travel/Medical Insurance,  Flight to and out of Lhasa

In the unlikely event of schedule change due to government policy or other unpredictable circumstances, we will do our best to find alternative routes.


Day 1 – Arrive Lhasa ( 3600m ) | Day 2 – 3 Lhasa – We will take day trips to Namtso and nearby hills to help us to acclimatise
Day 4 – Lhasa to Shigatse @3950m | Day 5 – Shigatse to Qudang @3650m | Day 6 Camp 1 Xiao Wu Tso @ 4650m – 5 to 6 hours trek, ascending 750m |  Day 7 Camp 2 @ 4740m – 3 to 4 hours trek, ascending 250m, descending 160m| Day 8 Stay camp 2 @ 4740m | Day 9 Camp 3 Zhuo Xiang @ 3900m – 5 to 6 hours trek, descending 840m today | Day 10 Camp 4 Tangxiang @ 4550m – 6 to 8 hours trek | Day 11 Camp 5 Er Ga @ 4650m – 6 to 7 hours trek, descending 200m  ascending 320m | Day 12 – Stay Camp 5 Er Ga – One hour hike to Sunrise Location Bai Dang | Day 13 Camp 6 LangMuTso @ 4770 – 1 to 2 hours trek Ascending 120m | Day 14 Stay Camp 6 | Day 15 Cam 7 Re Ga @ 4200m –  4 to 5 hours trek| | Day 16 Stay Camp 7 Re Ga @4200 | Day 17 Camp 8 Tso Xue Reng Ma @ 5000m, 5 to 6 hours trek – Ascending 800m | Day 18 Trek out 8 to 10 hours trek – Ascending 400m, descending 1150m | Day 19 – Shigatse | Day 20 – Shigatse to Lhasa, afternoon flight c

Guided by: Juanli Sun

Booking Process 

Deposit of USD$1300 payment to confirm your place | Final Payment due 90 days prior to the trip| Chinese Visa Application | Trip Preparation – Fitness Training would be strongly advised for this trip | Chinese Visa Application  – You need to have your Chinese Visa and Passport scanned to us no later than 30 days before the trip


Booking Form

Please complete details of any existing Medical Conditions or Health Issues that may affect your ability to function well at altitude. If you have been to high altitude before, how did you perform.