Kharta Valley Photography Expedition

The world’s highest Mountains, Makalu, Lhotse and Everest | Fall Colours | Glacier Lakes

Give us 20 days, in return have the journey of a lifetime… …


Due to many aspects of challenge in preparation for this expedition, I no longer offer this expedition as fixed date trip.

Please filling in the Open Journey registration form below if you are interested to join me on this trek. 



Kharta is an unusually vibrant region lying to the east of Mount Everest, and starts at the Kangshung Glacier at the foot of Everest’s Kangshung Face. the valleys and ridges below the snowlike are covered with thick vegetation that turns golden in the autumn, and rhododendron flowers blossom in late May for 2-3 weeks, the whole region embellished by alpine lakes and meadows, all making an unique picturesque setting for such a high altitude terrain.

Having lived in Tibet for 7 years and made pilgrimages to some of its holiest peaks over the years, I feel a sense of heavenly bliss in front of these sacred mountains. That the region’s people find these astonishing places spiritual is long known, what is not known is how you will feel. The towering and majestic rock, its gorgeous greys you can lose yourself in, its snowy peaks where spirits reside and where clouds flow below the summits and a remarkable blue, as well wondrous lakes which at night take in the whole immense sky, all combine to make this a profound and unforgettable experience where you can capture what you’ve seen and, perhaps, felt. 

You will be travelling with someone well experienced in high altitude mountain and valley photography, who has detailed cultural and practical and linguistic skills for this region, and will be taken through this challenging terrain with support of a specialised local crew to make this heady expedition a safe and enriching experience. Having been on 2 Himalaya treks on the Nepalese side and many more on the Tibetan side, I’ve found the Tibet side of the Himalayas much drier, making it more likely to have clear vista views and a more relaxed experience.