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China Classic Landscape Photo Tour

1st – 10th May 2018 | | Max 6 Participants

Exploring two most iconic landscape locations that inspired Chinese Artists for thousands of years – Yellow Mountains and Guilin

Price per Participant | Max 6 Participants

USD $3300 | GBP£2550- Only for couples or Friends book 2 places / sharing a double or twin room

USD $3900 | GBP £3000 – Single Occupancy With en suite

Meeting Point: Hotel in Huangshan – Dinner time on the 1st May 2018 – Hungshan Airport code: TXN

Departure Point: Guilin Airport code: KWL -Workshop ends 11am on the 10th May,  Please book afternoon flight to Hong Kong or other domestic flight

Vehicle Transportion / Photography Location Entry Tickets

Accommodation / Food

Photography Tuition

Flight to Guilin

Chinese Visa Application

Getting to Huangshan/Flight out Guilin

Travel/Personal/Equipment/Medical Insurance


Cost to hire Porter carry your camera bag – Over $100  per day for Yellow Mountains –  $35 per sunrise for Guilin/Yangshuo

High Activity – You should be comfortable walking with your camera bag and tripod for over 60 minutes to reach some of our photography location.

Yellow mountain can be crowded with tourists and photographers, so we will make use of moonlight and doing some night photography if weather is clear, so we might be out for over 4 hours hiking between different Photography Locations on stone steps at night.

In Guilin/Yangshuo, some secret locations require steep hiking (40-60 minutes) on narrow and occasionally exposed trails. The ascent will also be in the dark – but it’s so worth it! We will also find time for night photography if we have good clear weather in the early morning.

Yellow Mountains Photo Tour

4 Days Yellow Mountains Night Photography

Huangshan, The Yellow Mountains of Eastern China, have been an inspiration for artists for thousands of years. The amazing granite spires decorated in the beautiful forms of Pine Trees are often draped in low cloud, and it is these combinations that make the place so special. The Huangshan area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We will arrive 2 days after full moon, which, weather permitting, should allow for both Night Photography and the usual Sunrise and Sunsets. Rising in the darkness before dawn we will climb to high vantage points to await the coming day. With luck, low clouds will swirl below us, with the world of granite rising in jagged peaks around us. As the sun clears the horizon, the massive walls turn golden, pink and red as they react to the warming rays. The area is simply beautiful and awe-inspiring and in all the times we have been there, we have never left not feeling inspired and refreshed.

The Yellow Mountains can be crowded with tourists and some of the photography locations can be difficult if there are other photography groups around at same time. To help combat this, we’ve chosen a time around full moon so we can do some night photography when the weather condition allows and in the middle of the night the numbers of people about is massively reduced..

Yellow Mountains Sunrise

Yellow Mountains Photography guidelines & Packing List:

We will be getting cable car to Yellow Mountain Scenery Area, from there, it’s a 2km hike up and over a ridge on excellent stepped concrete pathways to reach our hotel and move between Photography locations. We won’t be able to take suitcases with us, so they will be left behind in a safe location prior to our cable car journey.

Getting to the Yellow Mountains – Domestic Flight from Shanghai, Beijing | Hight Speed Train | You can arrive anytime in the afternoon of 1st May

Packing – You will need to pack your essential clothing inside a 10L bag with your tripod, that will be arranged by paid service to deliver to our hotel in the mountains. You will only carry your camera bag and valuable documents, hotel is 20 – 30 minutes walk on steps, please wear good quality hiking shoes or light boots.

Photography in the Mountains – You will carry your own camera bag and tripod every day, sometimes we will be walking for over 2 hours, some locations are only 10 – 20 minutes. Porter will cost $100 per day if you require this service, we had never needed in the past.

Clothing you wear: 2 Layers of Inner top, 1 light Down Jacket + water proof top, 1 Inner + outdoor trousers with light water proof, water proof hiking boots with good grip for wet surface

Camera Bag: valuable documents, 1 main body, wide/medium zoom covers 24 – 70, tele photo lens covers 70 – 200 ( 300 would be good ) , 1 spare battery, shutter release cable, 1 ND Filter,  1 CPL Filter, micro fibre lens cloths, spare SD/CF card,  1L water, hard drive for backing-up your images ( We will bring mac laptop with us, so you don’t need to bring laptop with you, but your hard drive need to be compatible with mac system )

10L Dry Pack bag + Tripod: Personal items, 2 sets of  inner layer top and bottom for change, 3 pairs of warm merino wool socks, camera battery charger, head lamp, Allen Keys for tripod, Heads and Plates, laptop charger or cable if you bring your own laptop.

Yellow Mountain Photo Tour

Yellow Mountains Photo Tour

Yellow Mountain Landscape

Yellow Mountain Photography

4 days in Guilin –  Xingping & Yangshuo Area

This unique landscape conjures up the true spirit of China, and has inspired Chinese artists for centuries, forming the core of their aesthetic culture. The splendid limestone karsts rise thousands of feet above the Li River Valley, creating layers of mystery as far as the eye can see.

In the Spring time, humid air builds from the oncoming monsoon and morning fog is common, with the “sea of cloud” adding further layers of abstraction to this already stunning landscape. Of course, to get above the fog requires some effort to climb high on one of the karsts, but just rewards await those committed enough to make the steep ascent.

On this trip we will be focussing on both the landscape and the local culture, one aspect of which is the fisherman’s use of Cormorants to fish the rivers.

China Landscape Photography Tour
China Landscape, Guilin Photography Tour
China Landscape Photography, Guilin Photo Tour
Guilin Photo Tour
China Landscape Photography Tour
China Classic Landscape

Guilin Photo Tour

China Photo Tour

China Photo Tour

China Classic Landscape Photo Tour

Booking Process

Complete Booking Form |  Deposit GBP £1000 or USD $1500 to reserve your place | |Balance due 90 days prior to the Tour | Visa Application | Arrange details and packing list | Trip


China Photography Tour Registration Form


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