China Classic Landscape Photo Tour with Sapna Reddy and Juanli Sun | 18th Feb to 3rd March 2020

Price per participant – USD $5500 Single Occupancy | USD $4700 for Shared Occupancy | Max 5  Participant | Last Place due to cancellation

Exploring three of the most iconic landscape locations of China,  that inspired Chinese Artists for thousands of years

Yellow Mountains, Zhangjiajie and Guilin or Xiapu ( Depending on weather we will either be photographing at Guilin or at Xiapu. Having an additional option helps us to maximize on photographic opportunities. )



China Classic Landscape Photo Tour with Sapna Reddy and Juanli Sun







Huangshan, The Yellow Mountains of Eastern China, have been an inspiration for artists for thousands of years. The amazing granite spires decorated in the beautiful forms of Pine Trees are often draped in low cloud, and it is these combinations that make the place so special. The Huangshan area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Rising in the darkness before dawn we will climb to high vantage points to await the coming day. With luck, low clouds will swirl below us, with the world of granite rising in jagged peaks around us. As the sun clears the horizon, the massive walls turn golden, pink and red as they react to the warming rays. The area is simply beautiful and awe-inspiring and in all the times we have been there, we have always  left feeling inspired and refreshed.








Zhangjiajie The sandstone pillars of Wulingyuan extend hundreds of meters above the valley floor in this well known UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s often wet and foggy, but with these changeable atmospheric conditions come innumerable photography opportunities.

It was Galen Rowell who said to look to the edges for the most dramatic transitions, and here we have interactions, juxtapositions, contrasts, textures and so much mood and emotional impact. The scenery is breathtaking, majestic and intimate in equal measure when weather allows.

Tianzi Mountain is at altitude of 1260 meters, providing stunning views of the sandstone pillars.

Yuanjiajie lies between Huangshi Village and Tianzi Mountain. It becomes well known as the floating mountains in the Hollywoodmovie  Avatar.

Yangjiajie is another stunning scenic place between Yuanjiajie and Tianzi Mountain.



Guilin area – This unique landscape conjures up the true spirit of China, and has inspired Chinese artists for centuries, forming the core of their aesthetic culture. The splendid limestone karsts rise thousands of feet above the Li River Valley. When conditions are right, low fog creates a “Sea of Clouds”adding layers of beauty to this stunning landscape. 









 Xiapu – Considered as one of the top spots for landscape photography in Eastern China, Xiapu is home to small fishing villages along the coastline. The beach is lined with bamboo poles, stone columns, fishing nets, and the occasional fishing boat. The rise and fall of the tide along with the angled light af sunrise and sunset creates a fantastic scenery. Plenty of opportunity to shoot abstracts with a long lens or showcase the local culture with a small human element in the grand landscape.




Workshop Leaders: Juanli Sun and Sapna Reddy






Juanli Sun
Juanli Sun
I am a landscape photographer and live in Scotland from 2013. Since 2012, I have led 70+ private guided tours to Scotland, Spain, Iceland, and of course my home country China and the Tibetan Plateau – trekking through the Himalayas above 5000m. From 2019, majority of photo tours I lead will be focused to a few of my personal favourite locations in China. As a native Chinese speaker, I am able to co-ordinate and plan China trips with incredible precision.
Sapna Reddy
Sapna Reddy
I photograph because I cannot paint. Am deeply attracted to the beauty of nature and find time spent in quiet contemplation and artistic expression immensely rewarding. The transition to a professional photographer was mainly triggered by my passion for teaching. I love to share my creativity and passion and have come to realize that helping others create beautiful imagery is as satisfying as doing it yourself. The workshops I teach are geared to small groups with emphasis on both technical and aesthetic aspects of photography. How to go beyond the postcard and generate images which are a creative expression of the individual artist, visual stories with strong emotional impact. I have been doing this for about 10 years now and have been featured by Nat Geo, Adobe, Lonely Planet, NBC etc. My art is sold in galleries through the Yellowkorner franchise in over 60 countries worldwide.I look forward to seeing you in the field.

Trip Detail:

1: Meeting Point: Workshop starts 5pm in Shanghai on the 18th Feb 2020, and ends @ 11am in Shanghai on the  3rd Mar 2020

2: Included: Vehicle Transportation / Photography Location Entry Tickets | Accommodation / Standard of accommodations very good for majority of the trip ( 4 Stars standard ), and modest for 1 or 2 nights in a clean guest house in Wulingyuan National Park if weather condition is superb for stay on top of the mountain | Domestic Train/Flight between Shanghai / Yellow Mountain / Zhangjiajie /  Guilin (Xiapu) – Depending on weather we will either be photographing at Guilin or at Xiapu. Having an additional option helps us to maximize on photographic opportunities. / Shanghai

3: Excluded: Chinese Visa Application | Flight to Shanghai – Please consult with us before make your flight arrangement | Travel/Personal/Equipment/Medical Insurance | Beverage | Cost to hire Porter carry your camera bag – Over $100  per day for Yellow Mountains –  $35 per sunrise for Guilin/Yangshuo

Booking Process

Complete Booking Form |  Deposit GBP £800 or USD $1000 to reserve your place | Balance due 90 days prior to the Workshop | Visa Application | Arrange details and packing list

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Yellow Mountains / Wulingyuan Photography guidelines & Packing List:

We will be getting cable car to Yellow Mountain Scenery Area, from there, it’s a short hike up and over a ridge on excellent stepped concrete pathways to reach our hotel and move between Photography locations.

Packing – You will need to pack your essential clothing inside a 20L bag with your tripod, that will be arranged by paid service to deliver to our hotel in the mountains. 

Photography in the Mountains – You will carry your own camera bag and tripod every day, sometimes we will be walking for over 2 hours, some locations are only 10 – 20 minutes. Porter will cost $100 per day if you require this service, we rarely need this in the past. 4: Some less known locations require steep hiking (40-60 minutes) on narrow and occasionally exposed trails. The ascent will also be in the dark – but it’s so worth it! We will also find time for night photography if we have good clear weather.




Zhangjiajie Frosty Trees

Yellow Mountains