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China Winter Tour – Gobi Desert Adventure + Yellow Mountain

 Max 4 Participants | Last Place by Application

USD $5300 per person

High Activity – You need to be able to carry your camera bag and tripod for over 3 hours hiking in the mountains per day

Workshop starts 1pm on the 2nd Feb in Lanzhou Airport

Workshop ends 10am on the 14th Feb in Yellow Mountains Town

Included: Accommodation and Food | Transport cost and Park Entry Fee | Logistics cost on the 8th Feb – Flight and Train Journey between the 2 workshops

Exluded: Chinese Visa Application / Flights to Lanzhou / Flights out of Yellow Mountain | Beverage, Travel/Personal/Equipment/Medical Insurance | Cost for luggage transport between hotels in the mountains cost between $100 – $ 200 depends on the weight of your luggage | Cost to hire Porter carry your camera bag – Over $100  per day for Yellow Mountains

This remote area of northern China is famous for the Silk Road and the world’s highest static sand dunes. This massive area of sand is so remote and so intense, we have designed a short, sharp trip that we hope will deliver the creative epiphany that we have had.

We will visit hundreds of square miles of gigantic dunes, rising to over 1640 feet above a series of crystal clear lakes. The geometry and scale of these makes for limitless incongruous and beautiful photographs. We’ll be camping out in the dunes and can explore them at our leisure.

The second area is another large area of geopark, where the striated coloured rocks make for more amazing images.





Desert February 2017 Temperature


Yellow Mountain Landscape Photo Tour

Exploring the most iconic mountains that inspired Chinese Artists for thousands of years



Yellow Mountains Photo Tour


Huangshan, The Yellow Mountains of Eastern China, have been an inspiration for artists for thousands of years. The amazing granite spires decorated in the beautiful forms of Pine Trees are often draped in low cloud, and it is these combinations that make the place so special. The Huangshan area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Rising in the darkness before dawn we will climb to high vantage points to await the coming day. With luck, low clouds will swirl below us, with the world of granite rising in jagged peaks around us. As the sun clears the horizon, the massive walls turn golden, pink and red as they react to the warming rays. The area is simply beautiful and awe-inspiring and in all the times we have been there, we have never left not feeling inspired and refreshed.


Yellow Mountain Photo Tour




Yellow Mountains Sunrise


Yellow Mountain Photo Tour


Yellow Mountains Photo Tour




Booking Process

Complete Booking Form |  Deposit GBP £1200 or USD $1500 to reserve your place | Balance due 90 days prior to the Workshop | Visa Application | Arrange details and packing list | Trip



Yellow Mountains Photography guidelines & Packing List:

We will be getting cable car to Yellow Mountain Scenery Area, from there, it’s a short hike up and over a ridge on excellent stepped concrete pathways to reach our hotel and move between Photography locations. We won’t be able to take suitcases with us, so they will be left behind in a safe location prior to our cable car journey.

Packing – You will need to pack your essential clothing in a smaller bag for 4 nights in the mountains, porter cost between USD $30 – $70 dollar to move your bag each time between hotels depends on the weight of your bag. We will store our suitcase in town and take a small bag with us to the mountains which we can manage ourselves. Cost for luggage transport between hotels in the mountains cost between $100 – $ 200 depends on the weight of your luggage

Photography in the Mountains – You will carry your own camera bag and tripod every day, sometimes hiking for over 2 hours, not easy to hire a porter due to unpredictable photography schedule.

Cost to hire Porter carry your camera bag – Over $100  per day for Yellow Mountains