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Wester Ross & Torridon – This is an area that very much lies under the photographic shadow of its next door neighbour, the Isle of Skye. For the people who know and love Torridon and Wester Ross this is something of a blessing as it means solitude and peace. This is a very complex area, made up of a huge corner of remote and often difficult to access glens, gullies and huge mountains. The massive Loch Maree occupies a huge fjord gouged out by the last glaciers and provides an access route through the mountains to the sea at Gairloch.

To the south, Glen Torridon carves its own route through to Loch Torridon and the little village at its head. The whole area is remarkably diverse, with some of Scotland’s most Alpine mountains, native Scots Pine Tree forests, rivers, lochs and mile after mile of both sandy and rocky coastline, punctuated with caves, rock arches and sea stacks. (The sand on the beaches is mostly red due to the prevalent local Torridon Sandstone rocks.)

Alister and Juanli lived in this area when they returned to Scotland and know it intimately.


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