Story of Rock

Let me be this nameless rock along the coast,

Tidal shaped me,

and make my journeys to different corners of the coast possible,

Light and water add gorgeous colors so I may shines for the moment of living,

Until that day accumulated tidal break me,

At last I will dance in the wind and waves as a new form of countless thin sand.





once upon a time,
a moment without sound,
between light and shadow,
picturing this mysterious illusion,
when the tide rises again
depart with knowing somewhere
once upon a time… …


The memories are so faint that I couldn’t remember,

where I came from;

It starts by fallen away from the cliff after a season of summer storm,

Then countless separation from my origin;

Thus rebirth without  past.

Day after day; Year after year;

A sequence of wave cycle take me to the hidden place

To endure the fierce ravaging friction of an upsurging tide

To experience long and silent in the darkness under the ancient cave

To reveal, no matter “good” or “bad”

There is an end to all.

Aware and unaware;

Merging the known and unknown will.

Refusing to become another grain of sand,

In search of life above the norm.


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