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Spain makes up a significant part of SW Europe and is a country rich in diverse landscapes. One most commonly thinks of arid Mediterranean scrub, sandstone cliffs and azure blue seas, or mile upon mile of sandy beaches. In fact, much of Spain is quite temperate, with a cool, wet climate, with large accumulations of snow on the mountain ranges.

We lived in the northern province of Asturias for a year while Alister was preparing images for my Night Photography ebook, but have extended our exploration to include the whole northern Spanish coast. What really typifies this area for me is it’s diversity. Great contrasts in geology create a coastline rich in change and feel, with many rock types making the surface and shoreline. The coves are secluded and hard to find with only a few of them sign posted. Exploring this coast is a long term commitment.

Each time we visit we are struck by the quietness and simplicity of the lifestyle. There is a very laid-back feel, but at the same time a tidiness that speaks volumes to the sense of pride the locals have for their region. Certainly a place to relax and enjoy the peace, quiet and tranquility, while at the dame time immersing ones self in a rich and dynamic landscape.

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