Scotland Workshop Packing List 2016-12-07T17:06:15+00:00

Each Participant can only bring One medium suitcase – ( 27 INCHES or 70L Duffle Bag – Longest length less than 70cm ) & One Camera Bag 

If you brought large suitcase and can not be fitted in the vehicle, we will then need to re-pack and store your suitcase in the hotel  before departure on the first day. 

Suitcase or Duffle Bag Due to limited vehicle space available for the whole group, please don’t bring big suitcase. Polyester suitcase is more suitable than hard shell for moving between hotels and take less space in the car.

Clothing Think layers when you pack,  you only need to change the layers tight to your skin and outer layer everyday need to have water proof and wind resistance. Leather shoes or office clothing don’t work well in Iceland.

Footwear Need to be wellinton boots / robber boots ( up to knee with good insulation to provide warmth for long hours outdoor photograp. We use Muck boots for all our Seascape workshops:

Laptop It’s important to have your own laptop for practice during Processing class.

Cash You can withdraw local currency ( GBP Sterling £ ) in the airport Bank ATM, and most of places will take major International Credit Card.

Power Adaptor We will have a long power adaptor for group, please pack one small adaptor to use in your room.

Getting in/out of the Car Please be extra careful when you getting in/out of the car – Close the door immediately and be aware of your tripod and crampons. You will share the responsibility later if any damages to the Car / Van caused by you.

Workshop Packing List

Workshop Packing List

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