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Wester Ross Winter

Scotland 7 Days Workshop – Winter Light 

2nd to 9th  December 2017 – Fully Booked 

9th to 16th December 2018 – Available


Beaches measured in miles rather than yards, turquoise coloured water, some of the oldest rocks in the world, glaciated mountains and majestic Glens. Galen Rowell spoke great words of wisdom when he told us to seek out the transitions in the landscape to make images full of glory and power – here, in this remote corner of the Scottish Highlands, the mountains meet the sea – serene, wild, ominous, beautiful.

A typical day starts with a very early breakfast, then out for a good few hours over sunrise and well into the morning if the weather permits. If it’s possible to be out, we’re out. On days when the weather forces us to stay in, we’ll be sat processing images. I teach my own methods of creative, expressive processing and we’ll work on fresh images we’ve taken to show the possibilities in the RAW files.

With only 3 participants, this workshop not only promises to take you to some of Scotland’s most incredible landscapes, but to focus 100% on your personal journey of development.

Price per Participant | Max 3 Participants

GBP £1900 – USD $2600 for Single Occupancy With en suite

GBP£1700 / USD $2300 for Shared Occupancy


Ground Transport + Photography Tuition + Accommodation + Food

Pick up / Drop off: Inverness Airport ( Arrive before 3pm on the first day and Drop off at 10am on the last day. )


 Flights / Travel Insurance 

Torridon Winter Light

Wester Ross & Torridon 

This is an area that very much lies under the photographic shadow of its next door neighbour, the Isle of Skye. For the people who know and love Torridon and Wester Ross this is something of a blessing as it means solitude and peace. This is a very complex area, made up of a huge corner of remote and often difficult to access glens, gullies and huge mountains. The massive Loch Maree occupies a huge fjord gouged out by the last glaciers and provides an access route through the mountains to the sea at Gairloch.

To the south, Glen Torridon carves its own route through to Loch Torridon and the little village at its head. The whole area is remarkably diverse, with some of Scotland’s most Alpine mountains, native Scots Pine Tree forests, rivers, lochs and mile after mile of both sandy and rocky coastline, punctuated with caves, rock arches and sea stacks. (The sand on the beaches is mostly red due to the prevalent local Torridon Sandstone rocks.)

Torridon Winter Light
Scotland Winter
Mellon Udrigle Beach Sunrise
Scotland Photo Tour
Glencoe Winter
Glencoe by Alister Benn
Glencoe Night Photography


The area from Rannoch Moor through Glencoe is the most iconic landscape in Scotland. From the desolate moors surrounded by majestic peaks, fast flowing rivers tumbling over eon smoothed rocks, it is diverse as it is incredible.

Glencoe Workshop
Glencoe Photography Workshop
During January 2016 I attended Alister and Juanli’s Isle of Skye / Torridon Workshop. Based on the location and the workshop’s description I expected to hone my composition and post-processing skills with images gathered from some beautifully unique landscapes. The workshop well-exceeded my expectations; it was great!

Alister and Juanli are superb hosts. Their goal is to see to it that clients get what they came for, but it really goes beyond that. They take the time to talk with their clients, to learn about them, what their aspirations are in the realm of photography and what they want to do to move closer to that realization. I knew what I came to the workshop for and I got it in spades but most importantly, I left with much more than that. With Alister and Juanli’s patient and insightful guidance and encouragement I have a new found sense how to make my photography a purposeful expression of my artistic vision. To put it another way: I not only got what I wanted, I got what I needed.

The small client group size allowed for the daily itineraries to the flexible based on everyone’s interests. When shooting conditions were favourable we were out-and-about from sun-up to sun-down. On the few days where “gale” pretty much sums it up we worked on post-processing with an aim to creating compelling images that reflect our personal intent when we pushed the shutter button. The rented accommodations were quiet and comfortable and the food, thanks to Chef Juanli, was excellent.

I highly recommend landscape photographers of any level to check-out Alister and Juanli’s workshops. You’ll have lots of fun, you’ll find fulfilment and you’ll be a better photographer for it.

John Smeeton, Calgary, Canada

Scotland Winter Light Workshop Booking Form

Fitness Level - Most of locations we are walking on flat boggy ground for 3 - 10 minutes; few locations on uneven boggy ground for 20 minutes.

Booking Process

Complete Booking Form |  Deposit GBP £550 or USD $800 to reserve your place | Arrange details and packing list | Balance due 60 days prior to the Tour

Accommodation: from self catering cottage to cute B&B, we will ensure good standard and great comfort. Sometimes we can cook nice healthy food if we stay in self-catering cottages, but also few quick meals at local cafes when necessary.

Itinerary Guideline 

Arrive / Departure Airport: Inverness

Packing List

Fitness Level

You should be comfortable walking with your camera bag and tripod, sometimes over boggy ground, few locations will need slight uphill walk for 15 minutes.

Scotland Photography Workshop
Wester Ross Winter