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Scotland Photography Tours and Workshops

We have a very simple business ethic; we want to enjoy ourselves and by doing so, hope to deliver a unique and fertile learning environment. We both aim to work tirelessly to help each participant achieve tangible and transferrable skills. Scotland is where we live, it’s home; we know it intimately and love it’s changing moods and light. We have chosen a working model that we find most enjoyable and given the numerous positive feedback, works. All our Scottish workshops are limited to a maximum of ONLY 3 PARTICIPANTS, and with the two of us, our little group fits comfortably in our 4×4.
Of course we want to take you to many of the iconic locations, but we also have choice of less known intimate and unique locations as well, and these offer real opportunities to produce more personal and individual renditions of our spectacular and inspiring country.

Current Schedule

Talisker Beach, Isle of Skye, Scotland, Alister Benn, Landscape Photography,

Scotland 10 Days Workshop

7th to 17th October 2017

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Price per Person / 3 Participants

USD$4100 – Single Occupancy

USD$3600 – Shared Occupancy

Scotland 12 Days Workshop

18th to 30th October 2017

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Price per Person / 3 Participants

USD$4300 – Single Occupancy

USD$3900 – Shared Occupancy

Scotland 5 Days Workshop

20 – 25 Jan 2018 – Last Place

30th Oct to 4th Nov 2017 – Full

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Price per Person / 3 Participants

GBP £1380 – Single Occupancy

GBP£1250 – Shared Occupancy

Scotland 7 Days Workshop

2 to 9 Dec 2017 – Last Place

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Price Per Person / 3 Participants

GBP£1700 / USD $2180 for Shared Occupancy for Couples or Friends share a room

GBP £1900 – USD $2380 for Single Occupancy With en suite

Scotland 7 Days Workshop

31 Mar – 7 Apr 2018

24 – 31 Mar 2018 Full

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Price per Person / 3 Participants

USD$2900 – Single Occupancy

USD$2500  – Shared Occupancy

Scotland 10 Days Tour

16 to 25 Oct 2018

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Price per Person / 3 Participants

GBP£2550 – USD $3380 – Only for couples or Friends book 2 places / sharing a double or twin room

GBP £2800 – USD $3780 – Single Occupancy With en suite

Feedback from our Workshop Participants

I highly recommend landscape photographers of any level to check-out Alister and Juanli’s workshops. You’ll have lots of fun, you’ll find fulfilment and you’ll be a better photographer for it.
John, Canada
I learned so much in an environment full of challenge and support and humor! You both made the entire adventure so smooth and enjoyable.
Lynda, USA

Alister Benn is a man passionate about his work, and he’s intensely passionate about teaching.  He expects the best of himself and he’ll expect nothing less from you, even if it means facing a revelation that your favorite shot isn’t the gem you thought it to be.  He’s not one to mince words yet he has a marvelous sense of humor that strikes through clutter…all with the goal of helping you think before hitting that shutter.  

Alister, with his wife and partner, Juanli Sun, do not run traditional large group workshops.  There is no hop on hop off bus.  No jockeying to get the shot. Each client is special and is treated that way. Juanli is an accomplished photographer in her own right, and she’s there at every step to share her knowledge and to ensure that logistics are seamlessly in place.
They are truly a team, and between them you’ll come away energized, inspired and a better photographer.”
Donna Hixon. from Florida