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Mt. Everest

Price per Participant | Max 6 Participants

USD $5800 | GBP£4500– Only for couples or Friends book 2 places / sharing a double or twin room

USD $6800 | GBP £5250 – Single Occupancy With en suite


Vehicle Transportion / Accommodation / Food / Tibetan Permits / Photography Tuition


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Sacred Mountains of Tibet – An unique journey to Mt. Everest 21st April to 5th May 2017 or 22nd Apr to 6th May 2018

Shangri La as a separate Trip available – 22nd to 30th APRIL 2018 – Link

The name Shangri La was coined by James Hilton is his book Lost Horizon. A fictional utopia hidden high in the Himalaya. Although Hilton never visited Tibet, it is though that the name was a mispronunciation of the Tibetan Shambhala, meaning Pure Land in Buddhism.

Sitting at 3200m/10500ft – we begin our acclimatisation process, but can enjoy a relaxed time here in sight of the stupendous Ganden Sumtseling Monastery – the largest Tibetan building outside of the Tibetan Autonomous Region.

Mt. Meili also known as Prince Snow Mountain. The continuous mountain ridges feature snowy peaks and the sun throws golden lights on the low-floating clouds which form various extraordinary shapes are truly spectacular.

Mt. Kawagebo 6740m / 22112 ft is highest in this mountain range

Mt. Mianzimu 6054m / 19862ft

Yading National Park is a mountain sanctuary in the far south west of sichuan province, and a very important pilgrimate site comprising three peaks sanctified as emanations of the three boddhisatvas by the 5th Dalai Lama.

Mt. Chenrezig 6032m / 19790ft

Mt. Jambeyang 5958m / 19574ft

Mt Chanadorge 5958m / 19547ft

The highlight of the region is the drive through a landscape full of gorges, mountains, rivers and glaciers on the way and probably one of the finest mountain views in the world. Nowhere else in the Himalaya can you view 7000m peaks from the comfort of your bed or balcony!

Tibet and Mt. Everest

The short flight from Zhongdian to Lhasa is one of the most scenic anywhere. Layer after layer of gigantic peaks recede before your eyes and the descent into the Lhasa valley is just stunning.

Journey to the Rombuk Valley, which is the usual launching point for expeditions to climb Mt. Everest from the North, and you are truly gazing across the roof the world. From the Pang La Pass, five of the 8000m peaks can be seen.

Qomolangma – 8848m (29029ft ) – 1st

Lhotse – 8516m ( 27940ft ) – 4th

Makalu – 8485m (27838ft ) – 5th

Cho Oyo – 8201m ( 26906 ft ) – 6th

Shishapangma – 8027m (26335ft ) – 14th

There is no denying that it takes a certain effort to be there, but to be among these valleys and peaks is simply purification for the soul.

Tibet is a mysterious place and known by some as the third Pole on earth. The Tibetan people are religious and these sacred mountains are spiritual to them, and some of that sense of reverence can be experienced by people who have travelled across the world to see them.

Since 2005, we have lived, travelled and guided photography tours extensively in this region, and over the years have experienced all the variety of experiences that this region can offer. With Juanli’s advantage as a local native speaker and our meticulous attention to detail, we have designed these trips to deliver superb experiences among the world’s highest mountains – The Himalaya.

You can enjoy stunning Himalaya mountains from your bedroom window on first 2 locations while having a cup of coffee. Some of our favourite high altitude images have been taken in this way, relaxing and decadent, perhaps!

Night Photography can be conducted on this trip, you can even set up time-lapse sequences and take images while you were sleep!

The main focus of this trip is magnificent mountain vistas, but we will visit a few monasteries that are less commercialised and closer to our heart when we are transit between landscape locations.

You can expecting some culture sightseeings at the end of the trip, the 6 days from Lhasa to Mt.Everest will only have one day landscape photography on Day 11 once we reach the Highpass and Rongbuk Valley.

We will stay in nice comfortable 3-4 star hotels, some with beautiful vista view from your own bedroom window, although the standard maybe different from where are you coming from, but we have run many trips to these regions before, so far everyone is very satisfied.

Everest Base Camp can be very basic, we will decide if we will spend the night there when we know the fitness level of the group at the time. But sunrise at the highpass is totally doable.

We will try our best to ensure good and healthy diet on this trip, but please bring some snacks you like that contain high carb/high protein, as breakfast choices are not so tasty when we get out of the bigger cities.

Fitness Level: There is no need for long hikes for this trip, but if you are feeling energetic, we will visit Louring Pasture (4180m) for sunrise in Yading National Park if weather is good for photography, or you can wait for daylight to use National Park electric carts to reach the pasture for morning light.

Health: Applicants with medical conditions related to heart attack, Diabetes, Chest Pain & Breathing problem or have allergies or special dietary requirement are not suitable for this trip. In April/May, weather is already warm; but at altitude, you need a good healthy diet, keep moderate exercise and try to avoid catch cold prior to our trip.

Altitude Sickness: We have great experience at running high altitude trips, and ensure all participants have good physical health and our itinerary has been designed to gradually gain altitude to help with acclimatisation by the time we reach Everest Base Camp.

Tibet Permits only officially granted 3-7 days prior to the date of enter Lhasa, and access to the Everest Base Camp regulations can change  because political event. We may need to alter the itinerary if unforeseen restrictions to Tibet and Mt.Everest at near the time, but we will replace with locations that offers best photography and unique experience.

In the event of one or few participants do not feeling very well on our trip, Juanli as native Chinese speaker will handle these issues as best available to ensure you are getting looked after or arrange transport back to your own country depending on location.

Expenses due to unforeseen medical problem will be paid by yourself.



Yading National Park

Mt. Everest
Mt. Everest

Mt. Meili

Mt. Everest
Mt. Everest

Lhasa – Potala Palace

Everest Region

Himalaya View

right click the link  The Sacred Mountains of Tibet ebook and chose download linked file will savel to your computer.

Sacred Mountains of Tibet Workshop Registration Form

Please complete details of any existing Medical Conditions or Health Issues that may affect your ability to function well at altitude. If you have been to high altitude before, how did you perform.

Booking Process

Complete Registration Form |  Notification of receive your registration Form | Contact you once we have enough participants interested, minimum of 5 | Re-confirm with you regarding logistics and schedule | Deposit USD $1500 to reserve your place | | Balance due 90 days prior to the Tour | Arrange Chinese Visa  and flights | Tour |

Itinerary Guideline 

Day 1 Arrival city: Lijiang ( altitude @ 2400m ) Airport Code: LJG

Day 2 – 3: drive to Mt. Meili Day ( altitude @3300m ) Day 4 – 6: Journey to Yading National Park ( altitude @3700m – 3900m ) Day 7 Journey back Shangri-la Day 8 Back Shangri-la Day 9: Fly to Lhasa ( altitude @3600m ) to Shigatse ( altitude @3750m ) Day 10 Shigatse to Tingri ( altitude @4200m ) Day 11: Sunrise to Mt. Everest and Rongbuk Valley ( altitude @4950m ) Lhasa Day 12: back Shigatse ( altitude @3900m ) Day 13: Shigatse to Lhasa ( altitude @3600m ) Day 14 Lhasa Day 15: Workshop End in Lhasa – Departure city: Lhasa