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Best of 2011 Podcast

Alister Benn talks Contemporary Landscape Photography with Guy Tal & Sean Bagshaw


Podcast  – Guy Tal

Topic: Creativity & Expression

Guy Tal is well know as an artist, author, photographer, educator and public speaker.

Artist Statement:

“In photography I strive to create images that speak to wildness – the quality of being attuned to, and inspired by, the wild. Many of my images also articulate my intimate connection with the natural landscape, particularly that of my home, and the friendship I found with certain places. Rather than glimpses of superficial beauty, I wish for my work to speak to a deep familiarity with my subjects, revealing something of the role they play in my life – a relationship as intricate as any I have had with another person. The things I photograph are not just attractive models to me, they are temples and sanctuaries and multi-dimensional characters in my own story, as I am in theirs.

I do not photograph for the sake of photography, and not to simply document the external appearance of things, no matter how objectively appealing. Instead, I photograph as a means of exploring and expressing things that I cannot express in any other way, and because it is important to me to share them. I do not photograph things; I photograph my love for them, and sometimes I photograph my love through them.

I do not consider myself a photographer who creates art, but rather an artist working in the medium of photography. Where some photographers take a representational approach to the landscape, I wish instead to use visual elements and natural aesthetics as evocative metaphors, creating images that are not merely of, butabout places and things that have become personally meaningful to me. “

Find out more about Guy Tal: His latest Work  His latest Ebook    Facebook   Twitter

Sean Bagshaw

Podcast  – Sean Bagshaw

Topic: Dynamic Landscape Photography

Sean Bagshaw is an outdoor photographer, digital image developing enthusiast and photography educator based in Ashland, Oregon. 

He arrived at his career in photography rather accidentally. In the 1980s and 1990s, when he was generally indestructible, he did some rock climbing and mountaineering. He enjoyed being the expedition photographer because it allowed him to present slide shows to anyone he could corner in a dark room with a projector. Over time he moved away from taking purely documentary images and becoming an avid student of the art of photography. Now his expeditions are to photograph mountains instead of climb them. He spends about a quarter of each year in the field on a quest for magical light; sleeping in his truck or on the ground, stumbling around in the dark, eating bad food and avoiding showers.

Combining modern techniques with a traditional darkroom sense of pre-visualization, he approaches photography as a two part creative process.

The capture of the image in the camera and developing it with artistic intent are given equal importance and attention on the path to the final piece.  Twice since 2008 his images have been winners in the Nature’s Best Windland Smith Rice International Awards and have also been honored in the International Conservation Photography Awards and other competitions.

He offers his knowledge of digital image developing to a world wide audience through his series of Photoshop video tutorials.

You can follow Sean here at www.OutdoorExposurePhoto.com and www.PhotoCascadia.com as well as on FacebookGoogle+ and Twitter.

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