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Scotland Photography Workshop, Scotland Photo Tour

Isle of Lewis - Outer Hebrides

Isle of Harris - Scotland Photography Workshop

Scotland Landscape Photography Workshop - Outer Hebrides

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Isle of Harris, Outer Hebrides, Scotland

Outer Hebrides - Isle of Harris

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Outer Hebrides – Far off the west coast of Scotland lie the Outer Hebrides, with the exception of the islands of St Kilda and a few isolated rocks, the last land between Europe and North America. The character of the chain of islands from north to south is varied and diverse, from windswept open moorland still used for peat cutting, to mile after mile of cliffs and the most remarkable sandy beaches in Britain.

Lewis is home to 2500 year old Pictish Stone Circles at Callanish and Lewisian gneiss, which at 3 billion years are among the oldest surface rocks in the world. This is an ancient landscape and the isolated and tiny population of the western isles allows one to be immersed into a wonderful landscape of contemplation. Indeed many of the images from here have a very unique feel, rugged, yet reflective, atmospheric and often pastel.

Along with many other areas of North West Scotland at appropriate times, the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) can be seen, and with virtually no light or air pollution, viewing conditions can be excellent.