NISI V5 Holder and 100mm x 150mm Filter Review

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As a full time professional landscape photographer I tend to be quite blasé about equipment; I don’t get excited when a new sensor or lens gets announced, but if it helps me get the job done, then I’ll consider the investment. I’ve been using Neutral Density Filters (ND) and Circular Polarisers throughout my photographic journey, and they’re two of the things I’d never leave the house without. Over the decades, I’ve tried just about every brand on the market, with varying degrees of satisfaction, and for the last few years settled on a range of three different suppliers to meet my various needs for the Nikon 14-24 systems and more standard  lenses like my various Tilt/Shifts.

I have been aware over the last year or so of the Nisi Filter System and when they contacted me asking if I’d like to try them out, I was happy to do so. The accompanying video goes into some detail about the workings of the system and the results I have been able to achieve in the last month since they arrived.

By way of a quick summary, here is a list of the equipment they sent me: Nisi V5 Holder, Nisi iR ND64 (6 stop ND) & Nisi iR ND1000 (10 stop ND).


Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 15.11.45NISI ND Filter

Honestly, excellent filter system – Build quality, Accuracy of ND and virtually no colour casts. I’ll rephrase that within the context of what we’ve come to expect from ND filters – No Colour Cast.


I’ve been very impressed with the system so far, the combination of ease of use, build quality, the integrated CPL, accuracy of the ND filters in terms of colour and grade is impressive.

Another bonus is when I have the 77mm step down ring on the lens, I can still attach the 77mm lens cap, which I would assume is the same with 72mm and 67mm lenses and caps.

I would have no hesitation in recommending NISI to my participantss and readers of this blog.

Images taken with V5 System and ND System


Nisi Filters Review, Scotland Landscape Photography
Nisi Filters Review, Scotland Landscape Photography

V5 System can be used with lens ring size 82mm, 77mm, 67mm

You can puchase Nisi Filters and Holders on their Ebay store – Click here

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