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Highlands of Scotland – Isle of Eigg Gallery

Isle of Eigg
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Isle of Eigg Landscape Image
Singing Sand Beach in Isle of Eigg
Isle of Eigg Workshop
Isle of Eigg Photography
Laig Bay in Isle of Eigg
Laig Bay - Isle of Eigg
Isle of Eigg Workshop

The Isle of Eigg is considered to be part of a group called the Small Isles, and it’s name that conjures up a very romantic ideal indeed. The reality is not far short of the dreams of the imagination; a secluded little haven where one feels somewhat back in time to a simpler and more innocent age. The islands shape is incongruous and the terrain interesting and varied. Only cars of the resident locals are allowed on the small island and this necessitates a certain amount of walking, but never more than a mile or two on any given day.

The photographic highlights are certainly the adjacent beaches of Laig Bay and the Singing Sands, a stretch of coastline to rival anywhere in the world for seascape photography (or indeed hidden caves and gullies!)

The view looking out from this coastline across the water to the sinuous mountain skyline of the Isle of Rum is breathtaking.

Next Available Workshop to Isle of Eigg

9th – 13th September 2018 | Max 3 Participants

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