Zhangjiajie The sandstone pillars of Wulingyuan extend hundreds of meters above the valley floor in this well known UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s often wet and foggy, but with these changeable atmospheric conditions come innumerable photography opportunities.

It was Galen Rowell who said to look to the edges for the most dramatic transitions, and here we have interactions, juxtapositions, contrasts, textures and so much mood and emotional impact. The scenery is breathtaking, majestic and intimate in equal measure when weather allows.

Tianzi Mountain is at altitude of 1260 meters, providing stunning views of the sandstone pillars. Yuanjiajie lies between Huangshi Village and Tianzi Mountain. It becomes well known as the floating mountains in the Hollywoodmovie  Avatar. Yangjiajie is another stunning scenic place between Yuanjiajie and Tianzi Mountain.