Flow States and the Art of Consciousness Cycling

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Introduction:I’m passionate about me! - I believe I have a job to do, and that job is to become the very best version of me; limited as it is by genetics, but otherwise constrained only by my imagination and commitment to apply myself. Over the years, I’ve made more excuses than I care to recall, [...]

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What can the landscape tell us about ourselves

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Yesterday afternoon, perhaps an hour before sunset, I took a drive up the coast to an isolated beach, most definitely alone as a fresh blizzard stormed in off the Minch between us and the Isle of Harris. A bitter wind stung my face with ice pellets as I crossed the smooth boulders to the water’s [...]

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Focusing at Night

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The Problems It’s dark! - Even cameras with an AF assist beam can rarely function at night. On a very moonlit night with a nice reflective subject with clear edges, the AF system may work, but its best not to bother. I have read many Night Photography books stating that manual focus is the way to go, either at [...]

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Composing at Night

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Why do you take Photographs? I’ve asked this question many times to colleagues, friends, on forums, online communities and polls on my website. The answers are as varied as the people who took the time to answer, but the majority said it was artistic expression - in other words, to communicate a feeling, a meaning, an emotion [...]

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Lightroom Global Adjustment

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EXPOSURE, COLOR & MOOD There is a clear psychological connection between both brightness and color on our moods. Anyone who has spent any time processing images over the years knows that you can return to a raw file you worked a decade ago and see it in a fresh way to create a completely different [...]

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Lightroom Basic Adjustment

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Develop Module - Basic Tools Adobe Lightroom is an incredibly powerful Raw Development Tool - allowing a huge range of non-destructive adjustments. Being able to make an adjustment, review it and undo it without affecting the raw file allows for infinite experimentation and discovery. The Develop Module in Lightroom is accessed via the top menu [...]

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Lightroom – Import & Export

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Regardless of which RAW conversion software you use, the principles are the same and the emphasis should be placed on why you are making certain adjustments as much as how you make them. Lightroom shares the same tools and algorithms as Adobe Camera Raw, which came packaged with earlier versions of Photoshop with the Bridge [...]

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It’s all good light

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One measure of photographs is their impact – essentially how they make you feel. There are numerous tools to elicit reactions from viewers, but at their core is contrast – both global and local.

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