The Chi of Seeing – Artist Development 2017 Q1

I’ve been making photographs since I was a teenager, with growing aptitude and confidence. At the end of each year I reflect on the past 12 months and usually conclude that I like my most recent work the most. Why should this be? It is not always the case that I have been to [...]

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Building the Future

I’m a big fan of resolutions, and always set off into a New Year with passion, commitment and drive. There is something uplifting about the concept of new beginnings, wiping the slate clean and shedding some dead wood; be it emotional, technical or behavioural. What I want to discuss this month is that concept [...]

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Focusing at Night

The Problems It’s dark! - Even cameras with an AF assist beam can rarely function at night. On a very moonlit night with a nice reflective subject with clear edges, the AF system may work, but its best not to bother. I have read many Night Photography books stating that manual focus is the way to go, either [...]

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Composing at Night

Why do you take Photographs? I’ve asked this question many times to colleagues, friends, on forums, online communities and polls on my website. The answers are as varied as the people who took the time to answer, but the majority said it was artistic expression - in other words, to communicate a feeling, a meaning, an [...]

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PX3 Awards Winner

I am delighted to announce that I have been awarded twice in the 2017 PX3 Juried Competition. My 5 images series The Endless Caress won Silver in the Professional Fine Art Landscape category, while The Crystal Embrace was awarded Gold in Professional Nature, Seasons category. Full list of 2017 winner -   [...]

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Preparing to Win

“Nobody is born brilliant - they all have to work at it.”   One thing is constant in all the articles I read about people I admire; musicians, artists, athletes, ambassadors of industry - their greatness has required huge effort, failures and sacrifices. When I set my personal bar for achievement, I set it [...]

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The Enemy Within

“Only those who play win. Only those who risk win. History favours risk-takers. Forgets the timid. Everything else is commentary.” -Iveta Cherneva I’m a big fan of quotes, especially motivational or profound ones that inspire me to grow, experience life and engage with my existence. Why? Because life can be scarily ordinary if we don’t [...]

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Lightroom Global Adjustment

EXPOSURE, COLOR & MOOD There is a clear psychological connection between both brightness and color on our moods. Anyone who has spent any time processing images over the years knows that you can return to a raw file you worked a decade ago and see it in a fresh way [...]

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Lightroom Basic Adjustment

Develop Module - Basic Tools Adobe Lightroom is an incredibly powerful Raw Development Tool - allowing a huge range of non-destructive adjustments. Being able to make an adjustment, review it and undo it without affecting the raw file allows for infinite experimentation and discovery. The Develop Module in Lightroom [...]

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Lightroom – Import & Export

Regardless of which RAW conversion software you use, the principles are the same and the emphasis should be placed on why you are making certain adjustments as much as how you make them. Lightroom shares the same tools and algorithms as Adobe Camera Raw, which came packaged with earlier versions [...]

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Soul Searching in Tibet

Step, count to 10, step, step, step, count to 10, and repeat! This recurring mantra fills my every thought as I ascend the formidable Langma La, a high pass that guards the entrance to the Kharta Valley on the east side of Mount Everest. At 5360m/17,585 feet you reach a series of rock cairns mostly hidden [...]

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